Destiny and Following the Divine Timing

The Program includes:

  • What is Destiny and Divine Timing
  • Why do not all our goals and desires come true
  • How to discover the True Desires of the Soul
  • How to balance the True Desires of the Soul and the toys of the Ego
  • How to reveal your talents and gifts. Your profile
  • How to live abundantly following the Divine Timing
  • Release from blocks that prevent self-realization
  • How to be successful in your work of love
  • How to receive information from the Universal Laws
  • Practice on harmonious communication with each Plan of Genesis
  • How to grow and move forward with pleasure
  • Release from blocks in the implementation of plans
  • Reading the future: you can recall the future and even recreate it
  • Learn how to be happy and enjoy life
  • Necessary conditions to make great things
  • Manifestation of your Own Path.