Why Theta Healing?

It contains not only a search for the root beliefs that caused this or that event or made your life turn out this way but also ways to solve them, as well as the opportunity to change your life for the better here and now.

A person makes 95% of decisions on a subconscious level and only 5% consciously!

So you can imagine how important it is to put things in order in our subconscious!!!

And what I like the most - the results are colossal, noticeable, and do not keep you waiting!


Four levels of belief

Theta Healing explains that all of our beliefs are located on 4 levels.

The base level is the beliefs we acquire in this life. From the womb to today. Most of them come from our childhood.

Genetic level - at this level, programs inherited from our ancestors are stored.

Historical level - contains memories from past lives.

The soul level is the beliefs that our soul has accumulated. This is the deepest level.

What's next?

If you really want something, but you can’t get it, then there are beliefs blocking the road on the way to the goal.

You just need to relax and formulate your request, which is very important at the moment.

We'll see what beliefs stand in the way of resolving this request. What or who was the cause of their occurrence and rooting.

I will help you deal with your fears, resentments, feelings of guilt, and relationships that did not work out, or vice versa, that have developed, but not in the way you expected. Knowing at what level the belief lies, we begin to work with it. This work is called excavation.

Since we need to get to the bottom of the very first, root belief on which the whole house of cards of beliefs are built.



By reading according to the method, we find this root belief. We analyze and realize all its benefits and lessons.

Many similar beliefs also emerge during the excavation.

All negative programs are unloaded and replaced with new ones in the form of downloads. Under which new neural connections are built and already transmit new data to your subconscious.

Of course, the responsibility for the changes that may occur in your life after working at the session lies only with you.

And when you accept it, you will understand and realize that it is in your power to change your life for the better.

This completely coincides with my purpose, to help people see happiness, joy, and love in this world right here and now.