Several reasons to meet

Hello dear!

I am glad to welcome you to my page!
Have you already read my book and the realizations led you to the path of change?
I'm so proud of your success!

I am very familiar with this feeling of self-acceptance and the realization that you are everything that is most precious and valuable.
I am so happy that this book helped you see the world differently and gave you the right to a wonderful future that you deserve simply by your birthright. Just because you are!
It’s so nice to know that.

When I finished the book, I thought, what if you need to know the deeper layers of your subconscious or you do not have the courage to look your trauma in the eye. There might be fears this will entail negative consequences and this is not safe.
Therefore, I really want to continue to support you and lend a helping hand. We're friends!
To do this, I studied the Theta Healing technique - you can also read about it in more detail on my page in the "Theta Healing" section..
Now I have the knowledge of how to get to the limiting beliefs of our subconscious mind that block your path to the goal or give rise to certain diseases. How to get rid of them and replace them with positive ones that will give you joy and lightness.
How to Witness the Process of Recovery and Transformation.
It will be my great pleasure to help you figure everything out. I will guide you easily and professionally to your goal.
Having cleansed my life with this method, having established harmony in all areas of life, I can say with confidence that it works.

Go to the theta healing page.
I will be happy to help you.

Go to the theta healing page.
I will be happy to help you.

With love,
Your friend